My roommate (flatmate in Kiwi speak) and I went tobogganing. Of course those crazy Canadian kids decided it would be a good idea to build a nice ramp exactly where the natural flow of the hill goes so you end up going backwards at full speed over a ridiculously steep jump! We had a scary […]

Pool party

30 degrees celcius, blazing sun and a ridiculously cold winter approaching … so what better reason than to have a pool party 🙂 We found a scungy inflatable pool in our shed, got someone to bring along a slip n slide and setup a web cam in our window to catch all the action. Unfortunately […]

Videos of George St school

Check out the video footage from the mighty home of both the Dunedin Aces and Otago University Falcons inline hockey teams. Note the high quality gravel smooth flesh tearing surface 😛 [MEDIA=6] An interview with John Thomsen who is world famous (within Dunedin Aces members) for scoring us a goal against the mighty Nelson Whalers. […]