Akershus festning

I visited Akershus festning, a medieval castle built in the 1290’s in Oslo, Norway.

New address

Former flatmates, and any of you who have ever sent me anything via snail mail, will have learned that I suck royally at checking my mailbox. Combine that with a year of hopping between apartments, and I decided it was time to fix that by buying a virtual office. Now you can send stuff to me at the following address, and it will be automatically scanned and emailed to me so that I will actually see it more often than once every three months :) There are lots of these services available, but I’m using ClevverMail, a local Berlin based company since they can provide me with a local address and are affordable for those of us who receive minimal amounts of mail.

Ryan Hellyer
Borsigstraße 9
10115 Berlin

Here is a postcard I sent to myself to test out the service. They did miss the “t” and “e” off of “testing”, but it at least arrived and I can see what it is. You can see the original PDF they sent me here.

The Pink Giant

Beelitz-Heilstätten is the unfortunate location where the “Beast of Beelitz” went on a killing spree over five years, eventually killing a total of five women. She was eventually caught masturbating at the hospital and arrested. She was also nicknamed the “Pink Giant” due to her size and propensity to steal pink lingerie. Since 2009, she has undergone hormone treatment for gender reassignment. She is still in prison to this day.

These are some photos I took whilst at the now abandoned hospital recently.