Stunning piece of art

This stunning piece of art is my first master piece created at school. I don’t know if it is from my first day of school, but it is the first thing I ever wrote into a school book. Thanks to my Dad for storing my books away all the years 😀

Coworking in Timisoara

I recently went to Timisoara in Romania for coworking with some friends. Check out the video of the trip. Special thanks to Madhvi for creating awesome pancakes for breakfast every morning 😀

Jelly coworking does Timisoara

I’m a member of an awesome coworking group in Berlin called the Jelly coworking group. Check out my other post for pretty photos of the trip.

We realised that a subway ticket across town was about the same price as a ticket to Romania via my airline (Ryan Air), so we hopped on a plane to the beautiful city of Timisoara. Whilst there, we met up with the friendly folk at the Timisoara Startup Hub who kindly helped out with office space during our visit.

I recorded our adventure with my trusty GoPro strapped to a dildo 😀

Starring: Cheerful team leader Craig, official translator Nadia, super pancake girl Madhvi, skippy Francisco and dildo operator Ryan.