Wannsee loop hike

I organised a hike for the Berlin Hikers meetup group. I figured I’m lazy, so I chose a short route. I wanted to sleep in, so I made sure the route was close to town. I wanted to blob out and drink beer and eat food afterwards, so I chose a place with a nice cafe at the end of the route. Apparently lots of others liked this approach, as a ton of people came along 🙂

Wansee loop hike group photo

Midnight bike ride to Müggelturm

A big bunch of us headed for a midnight bike ride to Müggelturm, a strange communist era viewing tower on the south eastern edge of Berlin. Apparently back in the old days, the hip thing to do was hanging out in a strange tower in the middle of nowhere, admiring the surrounding forest. We finished off our trip with a picnic under the stars by Müggelsee, the largest lake near Berlin.


Robo, our illustrious trip leader


Midnight picnic at the beach


Picnic under the moonlight




None of those butts are mine. It was too cold for me :P

Hovedøya ruins

My friend Izabela and I headed to Hovedøya island in Oslo fiord during the summer to see the ruins of the Hovedøya Abbey, a Cistercian monastery. The monastery was completed on the 18th of May 1147 and closed in 1532.




Camping at Liepnitzsee

We chose the hottest weekend of the year to go on a bike camping trip to Liepnitzsee, a small lake north of Berlin. Heat exhaustion and bike tire problems did not manage to spoil a great weekend out. The water was amazing and so was the company 🙂

Ryan Hellyer (me)

Me about to get into my new tent :)




Cycling to Liepnitzsee
The cycling path

Annika heading to bed for the night

Annika heading to bed for the night

Swimming at Liepnitzsee

Annika and I

Annika and I

Ryan Hellyer (me)

If you want to see butt pictures from the trip, just let me know 😉

Leipzig city

Anna, Hanna, Teresa and myself made a day trip from Berlin to the nearby city of Leipzig. There are lots of beautiful buildings and parks in the city and is definitely worth visiting if you are in the area.

Teresa, Anna and Hanna figuring it which way to go

Teresa, Anna and Hanna navigating our way around the Leipzig city center