Stretching whilst hiking

Those of you who have seen me exercising in the past few years, will have noticed that I stretch the heck out of my Achilles tendon before doing anything. After a few years of doing this, my Achilles tendon is finally starting to feel healthy again 😀


The picture was taken during a day hiking trip in Brandenburg. Thanks to Janie for taking the photo.

Abseiling in Jordan

The last time I went abseiling was in 1992. That time didn’t go so well, mostly because we had a silly teacher barking orders at us rather than just letting us hoppity hop our way down the cliff! This time went much more smoothly and was really quite easy 😀 This was in a small canyon in Jordan, near the Dead Sea.

Thanks to Anarchy Productions for the pictures, which I stole from their video footage.

Ryan abseiling

Ryan abseiling


The Reichstag in Berlin, the current home of the Bundestag (German parliament). The building was built in 1894. Many people blame the rise of Nazi socialism to a suspicious fire in this building in 1933. It was badly damaged during World War 2 and was not properly rebuilt until after the reunification of Germany.