We got to hang out with some Bushbaby’s at the Cheetahs Rock animal sanctuary in Tanzania. Bushbaby’s are small primates which are native to Africa. They were very friendly and seemed to enjoy getting to hang out with humans for a bit.

Elephants in Tarangire national park

I’ve seen elephants all of the world, but they have always been tortured animals kept in captivity. But when visiting Tarangire national park in Tanzania, I saw more elephants than I’d seen in the rest of my life, but they were free! These huge graceful animals were just plodding about the countryside and didn’t seem to give a damn about all the tourists driving around in trucks to come visit them.


Basia and I saw a raccoon in Plänterwald today. It was adorably cute and came very close to us. It kept diving in and out of this rubbish bin, hunting for food.

Thanks to Basia for sharing this photo


Basia and I lost our hiking group, so decided to make a detour to Pfauninsel, which translates to Peacock island in English. It has a total of 30 peacock’s roaming about the island, along with more who live in protective cages.