Rally of Otago

I went to see some of the special stages of the Rally of Otago with Scott and Marthah (my brother and his fiance). Lots of sideways action, dust, noise and excitement. The photos didn’t turn out too well, my camera lens got quite dirty and I didn’t realise till after I uploaded them 🙁

Rally of Otago 2006

Rally of Otago 2006

Tunnel Beach

Valerie and I went to see the Dunedin Street race and took a bunch of really cool photos. Erm, then I lost all those really cool photos 🙁 But we also went to tunnel Beach and I took the following photo on my EXTREMELY shonky phone camera.

Valerie staring out to sea at Tunnel Beach

EDIT: Found ’em! Here’s Valerie eyeing up a hotdog.

Valerie Paquin eyeing up a hotdog

and Valerie about to swallow it whole!

Valerie Paqui munching down the hotdog


Karl Wieghardt was visiting the Brooker Bunch and whilst here he found out he’d made the worlds first iron(VI) compound! While celebrating at Eureka, Sally arranged this cake with six silver candles to represent his new discovery.

For any of you non-chemists, discovering iron(VI) is pretty huge! Iron is almost always found in the +2 and +3 states so 6+ is completely nuts!  There’s some more information about it here … http://www.news.wisc.edu/12636

Karl Wieghardt Iron(VI)