Avalanche boulder

This is a good lesson in why not to trust your elders! Dad and I saw this avalanche above the Hermitage at Mount Cook so we decided to go climb up on it and take some photos. Dad picked me up and dumped me on top of this giant snow ball. I said “Dad, I don’t think this thing is stable, if it rolls over I’m going to die”, to which he responded “don’t be stupid, this avalanche has been here for months and there is no way that thing is going to fall over”. Once I got off, I gave it a shove and it proceeded to roll about 200 m down the hill!!!
Me on an avalanche



Chess was a brief passion of mine in the early 1990s. At some point I lost interest; I’ll get into what happened to cause that in a later post. I picked it up again around 2019 and have been really enjoying it again.

The following picture was taken of me during an interschool competition in 1994 between Kings High School (my school) and Otago Boys High School.