I went to Hobart for IC07 which is the biggest inorganic chemistry conference in Australasia. The conference was a success. I met lots of new people, made some new friends and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Hobart is an excellent place to visit. It’s very picturesque, the weather is great and it’s not too busy.


Karl Wieghardt was visiting the Brooker Bunch and whilst here he found out he’d made the worlds first iron(VI) compound! While celebrating at Eureka, Sally arranged this cake with six silver candles to represent his new discovery. For any of you non-chemists, discovering iron(VI) is pretty huge! Iron is almost always found in the +2 […]

Debbies 21st

I went down to Invercargill to celebrate Debbie’s birthday. Debbie is a fellow chemistry geek and one of the awesomest people I know. Happy 21st Debbie 🙂 Blowing, blowing, blowing … BLOWN! The speeches: So what did Carla say that made Debbie squirm so much?

Stock pot chemistry

First came the number eight wire, now comes the stock pot 😛 We needed to scale up a reaction in the lab (potassium permanganate oxidation), so instead of repeating it a gazillion times, Sally suggested I got a big pot and scaled it up 🙂 Since giant beakers from Aldrich cost a fortune (and break […]