To Christchurch with Debbie

I headed up to Christchurch with Debbie. We road tripped with her friends Davin and Emma (Goose). We went to an engagement party of some people I’d never met, promptly disturbed them and headed back to Dunedin the next day 🙂 Emma … Debbie … Davin … you’ll need to use your imagination as the […]

Calgary lab

After a lot of trips with trolleys, moving some massive fridges and packing way too much glassware into too few draws and cupboards, we finally moved into our new lab in the basement of Science B at the University of Calgary. Here’s a photo of my boss Mike Benn. I stole the photo of the […]

BSc Graduation

Ick, graduation, the most BORING experience ever. I was graduating for my Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry. Here’s some pics of Michelle and I at my graduation dinner. I can’t remember who gave me the photos, but thanks to whoever it was! I graduated in absentia for my Master of Science degree so no […]