Dunedin Bears

Well, we didn’t exactly set the league alight, but we had lots of fun and fought our way galiantly to last place in the Autumn 2007 Dunedin Ice Hockey League B-grade. Here are some photos taken by Joe Sales of my team the Bears. Thanks to Joe for letting me post them here. I’m the […]

Brooker Bunch and visitors

We’ve had quite a few visitors to the Brooker Bunch research group recently including Jane Nelson and Grace Morgan. This photo was taken facing away from the University of Otago Chemistry Department. From left: Jane Nelson, Grace Morgan, Humphrey Feltam, Ryan Hellyer, Jonathan Kitchen, Andy Noble, Owen Clements, Sally Brooker, Nick White and Scott Cameron.

The communicator

My dear friend Debbie Jordan won an award recently for “outstanding communicator” at the NZIC conference in Rotorua. Here’s the poster she presented at the conference. and here’s a demonstration of Debbie using her subtle but effective outstanding communication skills 😛

Lehn Stock photos

The poster presentation at Lehn Stock 2007 was a good chance to network with chemists from other parts of the country. A rather stunned looking Matt Polson walking in front of my attempt to take a photo of the Steel group from Canterbury. Matt used to be my lab demonstrator many moons ago. My fellow […]

Lehn Stock

I attended the Dunedin Supramolecular symposium and presented my poster on mixed cobalt(III)/silver(I) coordination complexes. The star of the show was Nobel prize laureate Jean Marie Lehn who spoke about his pioneering work in the area of supramolecular chemistry. From the Supramolecular chemistry Wikipedia page : “Supramolecular chemistry refers to the area of chemistry which […]