Burnt car photos

I’ve been looking for these photos for the past three years! I eventually found them whilst looking through my old backup disks for some other photos. So here for your amusement are the photos of my car after some lunatics took it for a drunken joy ride. Visit the original post for more information. Thanks […]

Burnt Car

Some $&*%# decided it would be nice idea to break into my car, take it for a joy ride, get drunk whilst at it, then drive it to the top of Signal Hill in Dunedin, put the handbrake on and floor it till the rims hit the tarmac then once it wouldn’t move any further […]

SHM/SMM group at Kings High School

Group room pictures from Kings High School. I just copied these from the kingshigholdboys.co.nz website. Since they didn’t ask my permission to post them, I’m not asking permission to share them 😛 SHm 1993 SHM  Group Teachers: Miss S.E. Hume, Mrs C.O. Merriman Row 3: Anthony Henderson, Nathan Johnston, Russell Grant, Neal Kaler, Bruce Hurrell, […]