This stunning piece of photography is of the only rhinoceros we saw in Tanzania. It was in Ngorongoro National Park and it was a really long way away. This photo was taken through binoculars and cropped into oblivion. The blur of dark grey pixels in middle, is the rhino 😉


During our safari tour, we found all of the “big five” animals, lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino and … not the last one, the leopard. We were still happy, but after exiting the park area our tour guide suddenly hit the brakes and told us to look out the right hand side. Sure enough, slowly meandering along the road was this epic looking leopard. He gave absolutely zero fucks about us whatsoever. I wound down the window and extended my arms as far out of the window as possible to get this photo. After very slowly plodding past us, he just walked on up a bank and disappeared into the green bush.