Social distance cycling

I decided to leave the home during the day for the first time in a week. Mo, Craig and I headed out of the city by bike to enjoy the forest breeze 馃榾 It was so lovely to see all the families, grandparents and coughing grand children out staying nice and close and just playing in a big groups. We on the other hand practiced our social distancing skills 馃榾

Mt Cargill with Dave

Dave and I headed up Mount Cargill in Dunedin, to check out the city from above. The city wasn’t visible as the weather packed in and it started to rain around 400 m up the hill, but we got some great views of clouds billowing across the mountain 馃榾

Iceland photos

Photos from my trip to Iceland last year with Brianna.

Self driving bus

I took my very first ride on a self driving bus! It wasn’t very smart, and it often got confused and once even stopped because a leaf blew in front of it. But it was still cool to experience this technology first hand. Hopefully I’ll be reading this again in the future, whilst whizzing across town in a self-driving bus and laughing about how quaint it was back in the days when humans were trusted to drive vehicles manually.