Happy hour

Things were getting tense in the Strattic weekly happy hour today. Team 2 were at risk of beating us as they wrote a banjo played musical jingle to compete against Miriams genius idea of a book turning device built with a bike bump, collander, duck tape and a rubber glove.

So I stepped it up a notch, by demonstrating automatic inflation of our rubber gloves as the first step in the construction of a prototype flying machine built using hydrogen as the lifting fluid.

To demonstrate it was really hydrogen, I set it on fire in my kitchen. I love how Uri looks shocked and worried, whilst Leon is laughing his butt off and Miriam has her “I don’t think burning stuff in your kitchen is a good idea” look on her face.

We won. Mission accomplished!

For the record, it was inflated with baking soda and vinegar, so it’s just CO2, but nitrile rubber in the glove caught on fire.