Many people seem to fear the future because of what they feel it will become.

But I feel the world is changing for the better. Everyone dies. A significant number of people who hold the most heinous views are dying out. In their void, are rising those with less heinous views, and once they are gone, that process will continue.

Evil is hard to fix, but it does die out. If you don’t hear me speaking up about some things, it may not be because I disagree, but simply because I see those things as a result of improvements and not as a cause of them.

Corona Pizza

Madhvi and I broke the 2 m rule, whilst Craig kept himself locked behind glass (where he belongs) while did a small group pizza baking session 😀

Me (Ryan Hellyer), Madhvi, Craig, Sophia

Corona office

I’m unfortunately having some technical difficulties with the air conditioning in my office today. It’s too hot. Thankfully this office comes with it’s own pool, so I might take a dip shortly to cool off.

In case anyone is wondering … the law changed here to say that people are allowed to stop and rest whilst exercising. So I rode my bike here and just set up camp for the day as my rest break 😀 I suspect this was not what they had in mind when they made this law change, but I’m embracing it 😀