Running to Kringlevann

One of my favourite hobbies in New Zealand was always finding ice to skate on come the winter months. By the time I arrived in Norway last winter all of the lakes were covered in snow, so this time around I’m trying to keep a close eye on the lakes and as soon as they’re […]

Linderudkollen hoppsenter

Whilst cycling on the weekend I stumbled across a well known Norwegian past-time … ski jumping. These crazy Norwegian nutcases launch themselves off stupidly steep ramps whilst on skis. Apparently doing it in the winter is not enough, and so some of the craziest ones resort to doing it on an even crazier plastic hill […]


Another day, another cycling trip. This time I headed north east to Kringlevann on advice from my friends Marte and Ingvild. It turns out they have great advice, as after a pleasant trip uphill I was greeted by a beautiful little lake nestled in the woods above Oslo city.